Discover a truly cost-efficient way to secure a UPC company prefix for your business with Prefix-Xchange! Our team serves clients of all sizes and industries across the nation. Learn about our process and see why more smart businesses are turning to us for expert company prefix and UPC barcode solutions.

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About Prefix-Xchange, Inc.

Based in Minnesota, Prefix-Xchange, Inc. helps business owners secure company prefixes for their businesses. Our unique approach streamlines the process of securing a company prefix in a time and cost-efficient way. When you secure a GS1 barcode company prefix with us, you'll own both the prefix and 100,000 UPC Item bar codes your company can start using right away. Unlike registering directly with GS1 US™, getting a company prefix with Prefix-Xchange requires no annual renewal fee for ongoing licensing. We help businesses of all sizes and industries find the UPC barcode solutions they need and we look forward to helping you next!