Prefix-Xchange, Inc. helps business owners secure company prefixes for their businesses. Our unique approach makes the process of securing a company prefix much more time and cost efficient and instantly provides 100,000 UPC item codes.

What is a Company Prefix?

A Company Prefix is a unique identification code for your business. It is an internationally recognized form of identification and is included in each barcode your company produces. If you are looking to create barcodes for your products which are used in almost all forms of product distribution, you will need a company prefix first.

What Does Prefix-Xchange Do?

The prefixes Prefix-Xchange resells were originally sold by the Distribution Number Bank, Inc. and Uniform Code Council, Inc. to brand owners between 1973 and 2002. In 2002, the Uniform Code Council, Inc. was absorbed into GS1™ and since that time all new company prefixes are now licensed to the brand owner and an annual license fee is now required. The original pre-license prefixes were sold as an “asset” to the brand owners. Prefix-Xchange purchases these old “assets” and resells them to companies in need of a company prefix for a one-time fee with no annual licensing fee.




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About Ted Schultze, President of Prefix-Xchange, Inc.

Prefix-Xchange president Ted Schultze

Ted Schultze (The Bar Code Doctor™) has been active in the Automatic Identification and Data Collection (AIDC) industry since the UPC symbol was introduced on April 15, 1973. In 1973 he was a product manager at Bureau of Engraving, Inc. and introduced “The Bureau” to the UPC film master market as it began to evolve. Later Ted left “The Bureau” and founded Symbology, Inc. in March 1980. Using new technology Symbology soon because the largest seller of bar code film masters in the world. The film master soon suffered from technology changes and the bar codes became and still are digital files. Symbology is still the largest manufacturer of digital bar codes. Ted sold his interest in Symbology, Inc. in March of 2019.

Along the way, Ted has presented several hundred hours of speeches and training classes in both the United States and Europe. He was co-founder of the Distribution Symbology Study Group (DSSG) from 1976 to 1982, which developed what is now called the ITF-14 bar code for use on shipping containers. He also worked on or co-wrote standards for the Product Industry Traceability Initiative ( and the Smart Label ( ) projects. Ted was also inducted into the AIDC-100 ( in 1995. Membership in this voluntary group says you have been involved in developing industry standards and are mature enough to have been active in the AIDC industry for a very long time. Ted also attended a class and passed the exam to become a GS1™ Standards Professional in 2014 and updated and extended his status in 2017.


The Barcode Doctor™ Company-Prefix-Barcode-Solution

Nearly 30 years ago, Ted was informally named The Bar Code Doctor™ by a peer. The title was half in jest at the time but it has stuck as Ted continues to use his experience to assist companies solve their barcode problems. Issues like these can often become very expensive for any business but Ted helps companies avoid these expenses by guiding them to the lowest cost solution. In fact, he once saved a company $328,000 in forty minutes! Hint - It’s not a good practice to print 17,000,000 lottery tickets with the wrong company prefix. Ted assisted in executing the fix that allowed the 17,000,000 ticket be used. It's experiences like this that exemplify his commitment to both the people he works with and the success of their businesses.