Another Challenge with Selling Your Branded Product via eCommerce or Amazon!

Woman on laptop buying product from Amazon.Amazon continues their inconsistent processes when dealing with vendors who sell their branded products through their pipeline. The difference showed up with two of our clients, both of whom were using shared prefixes. (The shared prefix issue will be discussed in another blog and time.)

Let’s look at both scenarios:

Client One

Client one had to have a GS1 GLN (Global Location Number). As he had a shared GS1 Company Prefix, he was forced to license a prefix from GS1 so as to have a valid GLN. We helped him purchase a old owned prefix, and he is now changing all his packaging graphics, and his GLN to reflect his now owned prefix.

His brand equity will be intact. Our view is that this is the smart safe way to move forward.

Client Two

Client two does not have to have a GLN.  He continues to use the shared prefix with the knowledge that he can have a conflict with the owner of the prefix and the owner product codes.

He also understands that if such a conflict does arise, he will be on the expensive side of a product recall or relabeling process. Along with the possible expenses related to the conflict will be the damage to his brand equity.

Knowing what I know about this type of problem, I would not choose this path.

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