Part III: Other Common (and Expensive) Barcode Issues

Business woman in long jacket holding red folderIn addition to shared prefixes, there are some other common and costly barcode issues that your business will want to protect itself against when getting a barcode for your product. From the time the UPC symbol was introduced in 1973 until the middle of the 1990s, when the desktop computer came into use, the problems with UPC barcodes were very consistent:

Top Barcode Issues Included:

  • 60% were the wrong number on a package, box, coupon, etc.
  • 20% were the incorrect implementation (i.e. wrong color and poor print quality).
  • 20% was a poor-quality barcode image (the result of a poor-quality film master).

Since the widespread adoption of the desktop computer for producing package graphics and barcodes, the aforementioned issues have changed but only slightly. 

More recently (2019-2020), the situation looks like this:

  • 65% is the wrong number on a package, box, coupon, etc.
  • 15% is the incorrect implementation (i.e. wrong color and poor print quality)
  • 25% is a poor-quality barcode image off the desktop application or other standalone software (replacing the film master, which is now considered obsolete).

Please note: The above percentages are the informal results of my personal experience during my time as CEO and owner of Symbology, Inc. Hearing these stories and attempting to fix them eventually lead to my title as the The Bar Code Doctor™. 

What does this mean for your business? Without the guidance and knowledge of a professional company like Prefix-Xchange, you risk running into shared prefixes, mislabeled UPC barcodes, and other expensive consequences that can keep your products off the shelves. To help protect your company, products, and brand reputation, it might be time to contact our team for support! 

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