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Trust the experts at Prefix-Xchange to provide the most seamless process for purchasing your UPC barcode company prefix. We'll work with you to ensure your business receives a company prefix in a timely and efficient manner while avoiding costly GS1™ annual renewal fees. Plus, you'll own 100,000 UPC item codes instantly with your purchase! Get started by following our three-step process below.

1. Contact Our Team

Reach out to our team of experts by phone or email and tell us about your business and the number of SKU's you need to bar code

2. Purchase Your Company Prefix

We will provide a prefix transfer request form signed by the original owner of the prefix that will certify the transfer of ownership for a company prefix to your business.

3. File The Form With GS1™

Submit your completed form to GS1™ requesting they will update their membership database files showing your company as the new owner of the UPC prefix.

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  • *GTIN (Global Item Trade Number) and UPC (Universal Product Code) have an identical meaning, i.e., they uniquely identify a product in a worldwide standardized process.

    **Note: GS1 US GTIN is not available to identify medical devices, pharmaceutical products, variable measure products or mixed cases, or to create coupons. This note is copied from the GS1US website.

    *** Amazon, Google and other merchants will not accept these numbers as the company prefix is not registered to the vendor in the GS1 Company Database. A partial list of these vendors is barcodestalk.com, nationwidebarcoes.com, singleupc.com, internationalbarcodes.com. Retailers or ecommerce companies who will not accept these numbers in include Amazon, Google, Total Wine etc. More are adding to this list regularly.

    **** NDC is National Drug Code. NHRI is National Health Related Industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get with the purchase of a company prefix from Prefix-Xchange?

You will receive a bill of sale from the previous owner and the paperwork allowing you to request a GS1™ Prefix transfer of your new UPC company prefix. These documents are proof of your company's ownership of the prefix and will be needed to transfer the company prefix. Even after the transfer has gone through, it's important to keep these forms on file. With the ownership document in hand, you will be able to distribute your branded products (up to 100,000) worldwide within the worldwide barcode system.

Anything I should know about submitting the transfer form to GS1™?

As part of your purchase, we will supply you with the correct GS1™ Transfer form. You will complete the form by including your company/contact information and mail the form to the GS1™ office. After you've submitted the form, GS1™ should update their membership files showing your company as the new owner. It can take a while for this change to be made as GS1™ is not known for updating their data base on a timely basis. In the interim, your bill of sale is evidence of your ownership of the company prefix.

What makes Prefix-Xchange different than other distributers of company prefixes? 

We pride ourselves on streamlining the process of securing a company prefix so you can give your attention to more important matters. Some of the other advantages of working with Prefix-Xchange include:

  • Save time by working with a knowledgeable UPC broker and avoiding the hassle of originating GS1™ registration
  • You pay a one-time purchase fee instead of the ongoing annual license fee from GS1™
  • Your business will own your company prefix in perpetuity
  • With your purchase you receive 100,000 UPC barcode numbers you can use immediately
  • Your business can safely issue coupons without the concern of conflicting with another brand owner and possible fees/fines associated with a recall, duplicate product code, repayment fees etc.

Can Prefix-Xchange help with zero-suppressed UPC codes? 

While all the company barcode prefixes we sell automatically come with 100,000 product codes available, some prefixes also allow for a certain number of product codes to be zero-suppressed. These zero-suppressed symbols are smaller than what you see on most packages in the grocery or other retail store and they can be most useful if your items are very small. If you are interested in zero-suppressed UPC codes, please contact Prefix-Xchange to learn more!