Part I: UPC Barcode: What Is It?

People walking across crosswalkIS IT A UPC BARCODE OR IS IT MONEY? 

The answer is both. Clearly, it’s a barcode, but its most vital job is to transfer the ownership of one product or service from one trading partner to another.

Let’s look at the following example: 

A pound of butter at your local grocer uses a UPC barcode to transfer ownership from the store to the consumer. Using the same example on a wider scale, a barcode will track the transfer of the box of butter from the creamery to the truck line. That, in turn, transfers the ownership to the grocery wholesaler.

Even a barcode on a book at your community library helps track who is borrowing a book from a specific date and time and when the book is finally returned. 

So, in its simplest definition, a UPC barcode is a form of script/money.

About Ted Schultze: Meet The Bar Code Doctor™

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In this six-part series, Ted will walk you through how your UPC barcodes affect your business’ operations, as well as provide examples of how he has helped companies, like you, solve some of the most complex barcode issues to date. 

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