Part IV: I Never Saw This One Before: 28 Years of the Same Mistake

Man on computer about to make a purchaseYou’ve heard about the trouble with shared prefixes and what other common barcode issues can cost you. But to help you fully understand just how complicated a barcode situation can be for your brand, here’s a real-life story:

On March 24th, I received a call from a brand owner who was having a shipment to a new client (Amazon UK) stopped because the UPC symbol on his package had a company prefix that belonged to a different brand owner.

This complicated his business because he had almost 200 product labels printed with the other brand owner’s company prefix, as well. Now, he is staring at three significant costs to fix the problem:

  1. The first, and probably lowest cost, will be for the return of the shipment or having a local vendor in the UK relabel the entire shipment. 
  2. The higher cost (much higher for sure) will be the cost to redo all the package label artwork and printing plates. He may also face a “slotting fee” from all his existing clients when he tells them they will have to convert their databases from the old set of product code (with the wrong company prefix) to the new product code (with the new company prefix) that he will need to purchase from us at Prefix-Xchange or license from GS1. 
  3. The loss of brand equity with Amazon UK.

The interesting thing about this situation is that I was told they have been using the incorrect company prefix for almost 28 years. I’m due to discuss this with the brand owner in 60 days and will share more on the solution and outcome of the situation when I am better informed.

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