Pricing Guide

Pricing Guide

Reach out to our team to learn more about purchasing a company prefix for your business. We are eager to guide you through the process and help you secure your barcodes efficiently and securely. If all of this is confusing, you are certainly not alone. We’ve been helping companies with these issues since 1973. If you want to talk with someone and get easy to understand answers, contact Ted at +1-763-220-2039 or email at

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ProductGS1 Upfront CostGS1 annual feePrefix-xchange Upfront CostPrefix-xchange annual feeOther vendors of upc numbers ***
Individual GTIN* numbers **$30.00NoneDo Not Sell$0Varies by vendor
Prefix for 1-11 item numbers$250.00$50.00$800$0Varies by vendor
Prefix for 1-100 item numbers$750.00$150.00$1,000.00$0Varies by vendor
Prefix for 1-1000 item numbers$2,500.00$1,300.00$1,250.00$0Varies by vendor
Prefix for 1-10,000 item numbers$6,500.00$1,300.00$1,500.00$0Varies by vendor
Prefix for 1-100,000 item numbers$10,500$2,100.00$1,750.00$0Varies by vendor
NDC/NHRI prefix ****$2,100.00$2,100.00$1,750.00$0Varies by vendor

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  • *GTIN (Global Item Trade Number) and UPC (Universal Product Code) have an identical meaning, i.e., they uniquely identify a product in a worldwide standardized process.

    **Note: GS1 US GTIN is not available to identify medical devices, pharmaceutical products, variable measure products or mixed cases, or to create coupons. This note is copied from the GS1US website.

    *** Amazon, Google and other merchants will not accept these numbers as the company prefix is not registered to the vendor in the GS1 Company Database. A partial list of these vendors is,,, Retailers or ecommerce companies who will not accept these numbers in include Amazon, Google, Total Wine etc. More are adding to this list regularly.

    **** NDC is National Drug Code. NHRI is National Health Related Industry.