Part V: Protecting Your UPC Barcode and Your Brand Equity

Mother and young daughter shopping for groceriesA UPC barcode is always owned by some type of entity. It can be a brand in a grocery store, a pint of blood at the blood bank, or the serial number on an electronic device. Way too often, however, the UPC barcode owner doesn’t check (i.e. proof) the barcode number to insure the information is accurate.

Unfortunately, this is all too common in the consumer goods industry, where the barcode goes through a number of independent steps on its journey to packaging and retail distribution.

What Can Happen to Your UPC barcode if You’re Not Careful?

Along the way, the number gets changed inadvertently but the owner (you) doesn’t check the number on the final proof prior to the printing of the package. The incorrect number then gets printed and the package finds its way into distribution, where there is already a duplicate number being distributed. And what happens next? A product recall followed by costly consequences to your business and brand’s image.

The Solution

The very simple way to avoid this issue is to proof your UPC barcode. Next, you’ll want to proof it a second and third time to ensure it’s correct. Remember, as the brand owner, you are ultimately responsible for ALL copy on the package, including the bar code, so remember to check, double check, and check again for complete accuracy. 

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