Part VI: What is ACR (Automated Cost Recovery)?

Business man and woman reviewing UPC barcode list.What type of options do retailers, distributors, or wholesalers have when a UPC barcode doesn’t work? Their final decision can be influenced by time of day, some poorly worded policy, and/or the inclination of the buyer of the product with the problem UPC barcode.

While many of the retailers and wholesalers have written policies, their policies are enforced or not enforced at a whim. In fact, several wholesalers have taken the problem and turned it into a profit center at the expense of the brand owner. The most aggressive example of this situation that I know of concerns a large retailer whose logo is a large red circle.

A problem with a UPC barcode there means the retailer will take care of the problem by deducting $.25 per package on the invoice (i.e. $.25 per package times 100,000 packages equals $25,000) and/or $2.50 per bar coded shipping container. They will do that even if the solution is merely changing the number in their POS database and that change can typically take less than one minute. This process is what’s known as ACR (Automated Cost Recovery) in the trade.

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